2020 Reports:

New Emphasis on Resiliency, Recovery and Cybersecurity in the COVID-19 World

IBM Power Systems 2020 — The Year of the Clouds
Quantum Computing Deep Dive – A Review of Dancing with Qubits
Why SAP Certification of Power Systems in the SAP Cloud Is Important
Analysis of IBM’s Quantum Computing Strategy and Go-to-Market Approach
VirtualZ Mainframe Batch Workload Rationalization with a Cloud Twist

2019 Reports:

Why Migrate from POWER7 to POWER9 — The Business Logic

IBM’s On-Chip Integrated Accelerator for zEnterprise Data Compression (zEDC)

2018 Reports:

The IBM Blockchain Platform Now Runs Anywhere

Compuware’s Mainframe DevOps Strategy, Product Offerings and Competitive Differentiators
Why Power Systems Will Overtake x86 Servers in the In-Memory Database Marketplace
IBM Z: Making Dev Work With Ops
CA Technologies Mainframe Initiatives
Oyster Protocol: The Rise of a New Cryptocurrency
The Mainframe Stop-Gap Brick Wall
The New IBM Z and LinuxONE Families: Size, Flexibility, Power
“Application Centricity”: How Virtual Instruments Plans to Disrupt the Infrastructure Performance Management Marketplace
Evolving Solutions: Deep IT Expertise, Regional Service
Syncsort’s Mainframe Survey: A Major Focus on ROI

2017 Reports:

A Trip to the Cyber Range: An Immersive Response and Strategic Planning Exercise

The Changing Mainframe Personality:  The New IBM z14

The New Era of Analytics/Cognitive Driven Security

Compuware: Real-time Capture of Mainframe User Behavior for Cybersecurity and Compliance

Why Blockchain/Hyperledger Belongs on LinuxONE

Amidst Continuing Growth, Compuware Introduces Topaz on AWS and CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

 Juffali: The Mainframe vs. Distributed Decision

2016 Reports:

How IBM is Leveraging Storage, Hybrid Cloud and Software Defined Infrastructure to Drive Big Data, Analytics and Cognitive Applications

The ASG Mainframe Rationalization Program

The Major Difference Between IBM LinuxONE and x86 Linux Servers

The ETL Problem Solved: The Compelling Financial Case for Running Analytics on the Mainframe

The Invasion of the Learning Machines

Mainstreaming the Mainframe: Compuware’s New Strategy to Bring the Mainframe into the DevOps Fold

The Virtual Instruments/Load DynamiX Merger: A Holistic View of How Application Workloads Work With Infrastructure

How IBM’s Watson Analytics Will Transform the IT Analyst Community

REPUBLISHED: The Mainframe Virtualization Advantage: How to Save Over a Million Dollars Using an IBM System z as a Linux Cloud Server

POWER8 and POWER9: Accelerated Computing Gone Wild

2015 Reports:

The Case for Running Real-Time Transactional Analytics on IBM z Systems

Fast Flash Memory-to-Memory Systems: The Microsoft/Mellanox/Violin Memory Relationship

Virtual Instruments: Analytics-based Infrastructure Performance Management

How RDMA Is Helping to Drive Sales of 10/40Gbps Switches

Moving z System Data to the Azure Cloud: A State-of-the-Art Solution for Scalable Capacity, Backup/Recovery and Archiving

Cognitive Scale: Gaining Insight from “Dark” Data

Syncsort: Way More Than Meets the Eye!

CA Technologies’ Big Data Infrastructure Management –Unified Management and Visibility of Big Data

Aternity Workforce APM – the User is King

Ultra -Dense Hyper -Scale x86 Computing: The Lenovo NextScale System

The Power Systems Renaissance

IBM Workload Automation: Major Improvements in Hybrid Cloud Workload Management, Predictive Analytics and User Experience

Dynatrace Delivers Performance Management with Business Visibility and Use-Case Analytics

Ruxit — A Virtual Operations Team Powered By Artificial Intelligence

IBM Performance Management Delivers Full Spectrum of Capabilities

The New Compuware: Agile and Innovative

IBM Operational Analytics Log Analysis — Getting the Most Out of Your Operational Big Data

The Future of Mainframe and Distributed Systems Management

2014 Reports:

The Impact of Placing IBM’s Integrated Facility for Linux on Power Systems

CA Technologies Go-to-Market Strategy: A Briefing by CEO Mike Gregoire

CA Chorus: Lowering Management Costs to Enable the Dynamic Data Center

IBM System z — When Failures and Breaches are NOT Options

IBM OMEGAMON and System Automation: Proactive, Automated Problem Resolution

IBM’s Smarter Counter Fraud Initiative: A Comprehensive, Unique and Aggressive Approach to Real-time Fraud Prevention

CA Workload Automation iDash — Predictive Analytics for the Dynamic Data Center

Infrastructure Matters: POWER8 vs. Xeon x86

The OpenPOWER Foundation

Securing Data: Advanced Methods and Tools

Understanding the Differences between IBM’s Flex System and Cisco’s Unified Computing System

Moving System z Data to the Cloud: A State-of-theArt Solution for Scalable Capacity, Back-up/Recovery, and Archiving

The Arrival of Affordable In-Memory Database Management Systems

Veristorm: Hadoop on the Mainframe?

EMC’s Drive into the Flash Storage and Flash-as-Memory Marketplaces

PeopleMatter: Human Resources Management for Today’s Dynamic Workforce